Nellyson´s Me Blue Nada Clue
1 november 2007
uppfödare Tina Nordgren



VCH CH Nellyson's Ihihottie 
Ch Devil In Disguise Av Falchebo Ch Tatong´s The Excorcist Ch The Farm's One Hell of A Devil
Ch Tatong's Red Orient Ruby
Ch Tinee Town Thequeenoharts Ch Regisvista Kings Ransom
Tinee Town Tenderlee
Ch Nellyson´s Bhalunsa Bruntotth Vitterklippens Whisky Ch Vitterklippens Oskar
Ch Tatong's I Walk The Line
Ch Poormans Another Story Ch Tatong's Silver Moondancer
Ch Ralindi Quest For Fame


Ch Tatong's Indiana

Ch Tatong's Red Mustang Ch Sassatown Gianni Schicchi  Ch Tatong's Silver Moondancer
Ch Sassatown Red Apple
Ch Tatong's Autum Gold Ch Ibeth Mister President
Ch Ibeth Orange Blossom
Ch Tatong's Papaya Ch Asterix Ch Ibeth Lucky Luke
Reni's Tutti-Frutti
Ch Ibeth Orange Blossom Ch Ymsens Yarrangobilly
Ch Ibeth Calypso Queen