DISCLAIMER: Please do not turn me in for sharing a tube of an apple. This apple may look like an apple in your kitchen but I can promise you this that I did not rip off your apple, I did not take a picture of this apple, and if you'd like to turn me in for downloading fruit, you have too much time on your hands. Please be kind, this apple was tubed by an individual on the net, this isn't your apple, I promise, she tubed her very own apple, not yours. No theft, no illegal act has been committed, it's simply a 45 cent apple, one you can find at any store. I admit, I did not create the name "apple" and copy write it so technically I guess I could be breaking the law and I could be going to hell. If you do not want to go to hell with me, simply do not download this apple. Thank you
Du får gärna dela med dig av mina tuber men ändra inte namnet & ta inte bort mitt vattenmärke. Ladda inte upp mina tuber på någon hemsida för nedladdning utan att fråga mig först. Varje grafik tillhör den konstnär eller fotograf som innehar © & får inte läggas i någon samling eller erbjudas till försäljning.

You´re welcome to share my tubes but please don´t change the filename. Please don't uploaded my tubes on any websites to download without asking me first. Each graphic is the sole property of the original artist to whom the copyright belongs and must not be placed in a collection or offered for sale.

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new 090112

                          Hundar - dogs             

new 090715

                     Djur - animals    

new 090513


new 071119

              Människor - humans  

new 121014

             Blommigt - flowerish  

new 081024

                           Diverse - misc               

new 090513

                             Helger - season                    

new 091126

              Mjukis djur - soft animals   

new 090312

   Fantasi - fantasy  

new 071024

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